Perseverance and Hard work

Dear One, as it was written human life is not merely made for toil. Life is a learning experience that allows each soul to learn and grow.

Each experience and encounter is made to transform, shape, expand, stretch, fortify and make one fluid, agile, flexible, open and made to heighten their consciousness.

Life is a journey mete with cross roads, back roads, side roads, straight roads, narrow roads, wide roads and even dead ends. each road is littered with lessons and other souls that one must meet so that one is directed and guided, and honed toward the higher goal.

as you now know Dear One, there is but one destination and one goal for each soul. Divine Will prevails in the end. Free Will is permitted to empower each soul to choose how to get to that end goal.

Each road one chooses is influenced by what one intends to accomplish at the moment in lieu of thy present goal. It is when that choice is made that the lessons needed to attain the present goal is given.

These lessons come with a milestone of opportunity for one to apply what was taught through time and experience. And for each choice one makes along the way there is new opportunity or a consequence presented and this leads to another path that either takes one closer to the goal or a detour for a chance to refine thyself and re-learn and integrate what has been taught or what is being taught.

This Dear One is the so-called ups and downs of life.

When the energy flows smoothly one is able to learn and apply the lessons past and present is when things seem to go your way without much energy or effort required.

When experiences are difficult and challenging know that you are not being punished. Rather, the soul is all but jolted and shook so that one may take time to discern what was amiss. This is why in thine own experience, there is a sense of soothing relief when trials and tribulations pass.

Dear One, give thanks when things are flowing freely and you are care free. Take courage and take heart when things seem to be turbulent and trying. Pray and Connect to the Divine and be Still. Seek clarity & awareness and wisdom to see, know and apply the learnings that are presented to thee.

Persevere in threading the path forward, find strength in prayer and know that these challenging experiences will propel you forward refined, enlightened and strengthened for the progression of your soul.

The concept of working hard does not necessarily mean to strain thyself or be hard on thyself. It is to keep striving for the better and to seek the light and wisdom at each lesson’s end.

This wisdom and light at the end of each experience are puzzle pieces that you gain and incorporate in your being so that your light may reflect the light of the Source from whence you came.

Reflecting this Divine Source is every souls’ goal, to be able to unite the self with different facets of the self and then unify itself with the Source.

This journey is partaken by all that live and the same goal is shared by all, no matter thy size, shape, form, religion, belief, race or level of consciousness. So take courage and have faith. Unleash your light and shine, shed light, love and purity into the world and at the end of your soul’s journey in life, leave the world better than when you came.

Be light to those around you by empowering them to see the same light in them. Duplicate thyself not just by pro-creation but also by being light that illuminate the light in others. Seek to empower, enlighten and aid to transform others through pure heart, pure mind, pure intent. As you strive to reflect the Source, empower others to do the same.

Know that The Divine Source does not discriminate. Divine Source does not prejudice. Divine Source does not seek to punish or find fault nor does The Source seek to condemn you. The Source has nothing but love and acceptance for you it is the Will of The Source to unite with you in Love and Light.

For as it has been said, The Divine is nearer to thee than thy own breath. He knows, sees and sustains thy being in every way. From each beat of thine heart, each cell in thy body, each pore on thy skin to each piece of hair on thee.

Every breath you breathe is Source and is part of Source.

Be at peace for you are loved, heard and never alone.



On Forgiveness and Mercy

My Child, it has been quite sometime now that you have been living in confusion.

You’ve been hurt yes, and it seems as though Heaven has not been there.

You have been yearning for justice and retribution and there seems to have been no response or reaction. Instead, you are asked to forgive and love them as they are and as they are not.

This then sparked questions and the thirst to understand the wholistic view of Mercy and Forgiveness.

Forgiveness, it has been said is to give clean slates and chances and to forget the past. Know that this is only half of what it is to forgive. And it is this incomplete notion that makes forgiveness difficult for people to do.

So let us expound on what’s amiss in this concept.

Forgiveness is letting go of the concept of “they are wrong and you are right” and “they are right and you are wrong”. For this is the concept that makes for separations, wars and turbulence within and without.

When you let go of this concept, you unhinge yourself from the clutches and hooks of the anger and resentment that you enchained yourself to from within. And so the pain starts to dissipate and eventually disappears, keep in mind that no one can make you hurt emotionally unless you consent to it.

The true essence of forgiveness is to allow yourself to be empowered in the midst of the turbulence you are faced with, it is to be able to neutralise that situation such that you are able to bring peace and joy into that which challenges you. It is the power to allow yourself to be true to yourself and to be empowered in every situation in life no matter what.

Forgiveness is not so to blindly let people in and to blindly trust them again that gives them careless permission to wrong you or hurt you again.

In essence, to forgive is to let go of your pride and seek wisdom and light to pick up the pieces that were broken and allow yourself to learn the lesson therein; and to be able to move forward from it transformed and with wisdom so that it need not happen again.

Remember that when there is a turbulence in your life, it is given to show you something that has been missed and to empower you and propel forward leaving you wiser, kinder, more empowered and transformed and ready for the next phase of your life’s journey. Just like the learning you garner from your breakthroughs in life, turbulence is given to lead you to the next breakthrough as it burns away those ways beings that no longer serve a purpose for the continuity of your journey.

I say this now because every so often people get stuck in anger and resentment that their spiritual growth is impeded, they stop moving forward and they live with such bitterness in their hearts. This is not what life is meant to be and it is not in their or your highest good to live this way.

Forgiveness is therefore necessary so that this pit can be avoided. Keep mind that to forgive is to set thyself free and to allow thyself to see clearly so that you maybe able to see the gems or learnings hidden in life’s challenging experiences.

Forgiveness also does not make the hurtful experience or even okay. It does not make the other person right and does not give the other person a free pass. Most of all, it does not take or erase the impact or consequences and implications of the other’s words, thoughts or actions that has caused you to hurt or lose faith in them. Forgiving sets you free and it allows the other person room to also move on and progress in life without you being hooked on them by virtue of your anger and resentment.

So when you forgive, set the other free by letting live and sending them good will. To say this is to say to cease to harbour disempowering feelings toward them that affects you and your view of life the most. So let them be by choosing to stand in the space of neutrality and not the space of right or wrong, of should’ves, could’ves and would’ves that only cause you upset because your expectations are not met or your intentions have been thwarted.

Free yourself of this and bless the other by allow them their own space to grow and mature. For to bless them is to bestow mercy on them for this is to shed light on what they did not see and gives them the chance to learn and transform themselves as you have by forgiving them. This then, allows both you and them to move on and progress in your respective journeys.

Note that forgiving is not to welcome them in your life again blindly so with regard to having to like them again and living your life as though nothing has happened is another pit fall that most people fall into that causes them to be hurt again and the other to hurt again and so no one really progresses. It ends up being more of the same thing. Forgiving then is, to be neutral and to choose to stay in a space that allows so that in your interaction and dealings with people who have hurt you you are able to make powerful choices that do not place you in a vulnerable position once again. Always keep mind what you have learned through your experience and apply them with wisdom and love so as not to fall prey once again and so that you are able to utilize your Earth, Wind, Fire, Air and Water wisely in your interactions to enable you to maintain your peace and harmony within.

On the part where you are the aggressor, to be forgiven gives you the space to grow, to learn, to mature and transform. It is not so to erase what has been done and its impact. It is a folly to think and to expect that things will be as they were.

Though it is not that the other person will punish you either. Bear in mind that the impact of your words and actions will have altered the way things are between you and the other. Understand that for every word thought and deed there is an impact and a consequence and whether that impact or consequence is good/bad, whether it is to your liking or not, the impact/consequence of such words, thoughts and actions are to be accepted and not resisted for that is futile.

Learn from what has happened, do not self flagellate. Learn from your mistake/s and seek to transform thy ways by applying and incorporating the learnings from your mistakes in your life.

Be mindful to act, speak and think in the highest good of others as well as of thyself to avoid hurting others and thyself and to avoid burning bridges.

“Do unto others what you want others do unto to you.”

As in the view of the Source Dear one, remember that forgiveness is to endow the repentant completion and to empower the individual to move forward by granting mercy. This is not to negate the karma or the consequence of one’s actions. For karma is not a punishment, rather is an impact of one’s thoughts, words and actions and it seeks to balance the universe in love and peace.

To some, good karma is a blessing for a good deed; know now that the so-called “bad” karma is not a punishment but rather it is an impact/consequence of a mistake that seeks to reveal what was not seen or what was not considered, it is there to teach and empower through experiences so that the individual is enlightened and transform for the individual’s highest good.

In the view of the Source, karma is neither good nor bad rather it is the universal response to what energy you emanate or give to others. Therefore this can be rewarding or it can be as a bolt of lightning. Know that both is there to awaken, enlighten and to therefore propel an individual forward.

Forgive, Let Live and Send Good Will without conditions and the same will be merited unto you. For you are love, you are loved and your light serves to illuminate the world reflecting the Divine in you and touching, connecting and awakening the Divine in others too.

Forgiveness and Mercy is key to set you and to set others free. This is so in the view of the Source for the highest good of all.

Namaste Dear One!

Love and Go Along Freely

Love with no conditions, know that all this is not an impasse but rather it is an experience that thou hast chosen to walk to fulfil thy purpose.

Let go of the past beloved child, unhinge yourself from its clutches and set thy self free. The pain that impales you are those that you allow. You are formidable dear one. There is strength, courage and faith in you that is unbreakable. So look not only for thyself but look instead at the larger picture in a larger scale and a birds eye-view. Thy purity and light is impenetrable and cannot and can never be diminished nor can it be contaminated.

Be not afraid to open thy heart to one and all and to the possibilities, trivialities and risks that life has to offer. For at the end of it, everything is as I will it. All for your highest good and the highest good of others.

Forgive those who have hurt you and those who still do. Hold on and find strength in the Love you know to be true. Stop struggling and stop resisting, cease living in the pain given by a faulty mindset. Let go that things need to be a certain way, allow people to be the way they are and the way they are not. We are present on earth not to be judges, rather we are on earth so that they too may find their true essence and find their way back to Source as you did. Thread your path with joy in thy heart knowing that I AM with you all the way and that after everything is said and done you are made stronger and whole each and every step of the way.

Love and Light, be at peace. Accept my mercy and bestow mercy upon thyself.

You are loved and you are mine.